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Mac OS X is flexible when it comes to backup

Using Backup Tools

Mac OS X is flexible when it comes to backup. Many backup tools ship as part of the operating system. However, many times, the backup solution requires custom work to script and automate it which may be perfectly appropriate.

When the demands are too great for these built-in tools, third-party alternatives exist that can scale up and scale out, and are fairly ready out-of-the-box.

Mac OS X Leopard also features the new Time Machine system for backup. Some data is straightforward to back up: It lives as a plain-text file on a file system and can be copied elsewhere with any tool.

Backing up other data such as information stored in a database falls into this category. While the database is running, its stores are open and volatile. In this case, it’s best to take a database dump and back up the data dump.

This strategy also gives you the flexibility to import the dump into a different version of the database software. The most important strategy, regardless of the tool, is automating the backup process. Backup processes should happen automatically, without any human intervention. Humans are, well, human.

It will be the day that an administrator needs to leave the office early for a personal reason that the administrator will forget to start or schedule that backup process the one that’s later needed for a critical restore. An automated process is also better at monitoring and reporting on each backup job than a person.

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