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Lasik Financing-understand your Options so you Can Get Lasik Surgery

Lasik is an innovative laser eye surgery to help reduce or eliminate dependence on corrective eyewear. The procedure is designed to help patients suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. If you suffer from any of these conditions and meet the screening requirements of your surgeon, Lasik may be your answer to better vision.

Because Lasik is considered an elective procedure, many insurance policies don’t help cover the cost of Lasik. The procedure ranges from $499 to $2,500 per eye, depending on the procedure, your overall health and the condition of your eyes. The popularity and success of laser eye surgery has fostered many affordable financing options to make the procedure more accessible.

Lasik Financing Through Your Doctor

Take an opportunity during your consultation and medical eye exam to ask the doctor about any financing options are offered through his practice. In some cases, the Lasik surgeon will work out a payment plan at no interest directly with you. Many doctors also choose to work with a selection of financial institutions. You can complete the application process and have your response right at the doctor’s office. Both options reduce the cost of laser eye surgery to manageable monthly increments.

Health Care Financing Companies

With the growing popularity of laser eye surgery, there are a number of health care financing companies to help with cost. If you’re looking into this level of financing, remember that your doctor must approve financing from each health care financing company. Obtain approval prior to the application process and save yourself some time.

CareCredit specializes in financing for a variety of health care services. Qualified patients can set up a 12-month payment plan at no interest. For those interested in a lengthier payment plan, CareCredit provides qualified applicants an option at a low interest rate and no fees or upfront costs. To find out if your doctor honors CareCredit as a financing option, refer to the online database at the CareCredit Web site.

Capital One Healthcare Finance can also help cover the cost of laser eye surgery. As with CareCredit, Capital One offers qualified applicants no interest and low interest financing. To find out more about this financing option, head to the Capital One Web site.

Both health care financing options provide convenient applications. The application involves a simple form, with some general information about you, the Lasik surgeon and the amount to be financed. Patients usually receive a response within 24 hours. Be aware, however, that while many health care lenders provide affordable financing, interest rates depend on your credit information, and can reach up to 23 percent.

Flexible Spending Account

Your employer may have another alternative for covering the cost of Lasik through a Flexible Spending Account. Flexible Spending Accounts provide a double benefit in that you save for the laser eye surgery and receive an income tax break at the same time. You and your employer decide on the amount of monthly deposits from your paycheck. The amounts are placed into a tax-free flexible spending account. The only drawback for this option is postponing your Lasik surgery until the account builds enough to cover the cost.

Research your options to ensure the choice for financing is right for you. Talk to your Lasik surgeon and investigate your options online. Go to for more resources on laser eye surgery and Lasik financing.

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