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Know the Different Benefits for Veterans

Know the Different Benefits for Veterans

Some veterans go without health insurance, even though they are more likely to have health problems. Other veterans cannot afford homes and end up living on the streets. Military veterans put their lives on the line to protect their country. In response, many companies and organizations offer a wide range of benefits for veterans and their families.

Job Training

Some veterans spend a number of years in the military and find it hard to get jobs elsewhere. Other veterans are disabled and cannot find lucrative work. Job training programs are designed to help veterans gain the skills they need to compete with members of the general public. They learn skills that involve computers, office administration, healthcare and more. They also receive help for job search and placement.


Thousands of veterans deal with a variety of physical and mental disorders, including post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). At different veteran centers, readjustment counseling is given to eligible veterans and their family members. Clients receive individual or group counseling for the spouses, children and parents of military personnel.

Home Loans

The main goal of all VA home lenders is to be affordable for veterans. Find lending options with low interest rates and down payments in addition to affordable refinance rates.

See if you qualify and receive free quotes online. Find a reliable lender like Intercap Lending that is approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Intercap LinkedIn has more information about this group’s services and clients.


Many veterans look forward to bleak futures because they are physically disabled or psychologically damaged. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has the SAFE VET program to prevent suicides and also has free counseling for military sexual trauma (MST). Long-term rehabilitation therapies help those who need years of physical or exercise therapy and other services.


The VA offers assistance for burial and memorial services for military families. There are various services that are offered with military honors along with memorial awards, cremations and burials in a VA national cemetery. Spouses and dependents of the deceased can apply for VA memorial benefits if they provide the proper documents.

The federal government, charities and businesses provide help for veterans and their loved ones. The services are made with their social, medical and psychological needs in mind. Know the process necessary to become eligible for benefits and what you or your family member must do to file a claim.



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