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Keeping Business Costs Down

It’s the little things that tend to add up over time, often it is easy to forget all the outgoings that a business has and the bigger things tend to take focus. There are many costs that you wouldn’t even think twice about considering but maybe it’s time you should.

Credit Card Merchant Fees

Accepting credit card payments is a great advantage for a business to have as it is providing another form of payment available which means more chances of making sales. Although along with the credit card comes the merchant charge fee. Most businesses think that the best way to save money is to shop around for the lowest rates but there could be another option to take. There are payment solution services available which could lower your fees and keep more of your sales in your pocket.




Office Supplies

The never ending need for pens and ink cartridges is a common occurrence in most offices. You could end up spending a fortune on supplies which adds up at the end of the year. Memo Etc provides a wide range of office supplies for all your wants and needs as well as offering a charitable service too. This could be the answer for cutting down on office supply costs as well as doing your bit for charity without having to ask colleagues for money, this can often be a hard task!



Unused memberships/ databases

Take a look at all of the packages you are signed up to and ask yourself if you really need to stay signed up. It is easy to forget how many you have actually acuminated over the years, some being a small monthly cost that can easily be brushed under the carpet. Although small costs amount to a bigger value making a risk factor to the business.  How many times a week are these services being used and more importantly are they actually providing benefits for your business. These questions will give you the money saving answers.



Cut down on travel

The majority of businesses require regular meetings, whether it is clients or new business opportunities they are unavoidable to miss. Luckily we now have the technology to cut these business necessities down, could you Skype your meeting rather than meeting face to face each time? At every opportunity you have to make the change you will be saving money on travel costs, resulting on more income for your business. Sometimes leaving the office is unavoidable, try and plan ahead for important trips to save on flight and hotel bookings.  Car rental is also a massive save on trips as getting taxis everywhere can add up to a small fortune.



Save on Paper

Printing can equate to big costs out of your business budget, often paperwork is printed then disposed of shortly after. It is worth considering whether documents actually need to be printed as paper and ink are added expenses that can be cut back on when necessary. Saving paper also helps the environment so there are many reasons to consider if that document really needs to be printed.


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