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Jasmine Directory

Jasmine Directory is a directory of business websites organized by topic. It is human edited and businesses that want to have their sites listed in the directory must pay a review fee.

There is a blog associated with the Jasmine Directory and content on the subject of internet marketing and business strategies is routinely uploaded to the blog. All of the blog’s content is available for free and no subscription is necessary to access it.

Jasmine Directory classifies all the business websites in their directory into seven main categories. Each category has associated subcategories. Jasmine Directory contains business websites with a wide range of topics. Many different kinds of businesses have chosen to purchase a listing in the directory.

Businesses that want to submit their site to the directory must choose a category for their site and select what kind of review they want to pay for: Standard or Express. Standard Review costs $9.99 and Express Review costs $19.99. The advantage of Express Review over Standard Review is that all Express Reviews are usually completed within 24 hours, while Standard Reviews take significantly longer.

Jasmine Directory has strict submission guidelines meant to deter business owners operating low-quality websites. Unlike a lot of other directories on the Internet, Jasmine Directory does not accept sites that look as if they have been specifically created for search engines. Reviewers at Jasmine Directory are instead looking for high-quality sites that try to offer value to their visitors.

Jasmine Directory does not like sites with gambling games or a surplus of affiliate links. A real effort is made to leave unsavory sites out of the directory. Jasmine Directory has been able to maintain its good reputation as a solid web directory in part because of this.

Unlike a lot of competing directories you can find browsing various list of directories, Jasmine Directory does not contain a huge list of websites. At the time of writing, it contains a little less than 800. Part of the reason for its relatively small number of listed sites is that the purpose of the Jasmine Directory is to provide users with high-quality listings. Consequently, quality is greatly emphasized over quantity.

Jasmine Directory also distinguishes itself from its competitors by its focus on lifetime listings. All of the listings in the directory are intended to be permanent. There is a real focus on providing info to users of the directory for the long term.

The creators of the Jasmine Directory expressly designed it to be SEO friendly. None of the website listings are more than two clicks away from the home page. This helps maximize the value of the backlinks in the listings.

Listings are allowed to contain up to five extra deeplinks (backlinks that link to pages other than the home page). The directory also allows thumbnails of the websites listed to be displayed. This is so that directory users will have a good idea of the look and feel of websites they are interested in before visiting them.

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