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Please use in the title of the article the term: Hotmail helpline


Article: Contacting Hotmail helpline?

  • Article about an user story with Hotmail. The person was facing an error message or the mother wanted to set up Hotmail and there was nobody who could help
  • What can you do if you have an E-Mail, a Hotmail, on Outlook problem? There a many potential problems:
    • Installation
    • Hotmail Set-up
    • Error Message
    • Account Hacked
    • Forgot Password
    • No support and no helplines from Microsoft.
    • Your options are:
      • If you are lucky, ask a pc-savvy friend
      • Ask a question in a forum
      • Try and error
      • Or a very new, innovative start-up that offers remote support
        • Great thing is that the payment is after the session and only if you are satisfied and your problem were solved.

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