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I hate having to extract help from really obnoxious people.

Is The Rich Jerk A Big Scam?

I hate having to extract help from really obnoxious people.

I guess it’s a mentality that I have come to develop through years in the playground. I just don’t think it’s good to ask help from someone who doesn’t play by the rules and is just mean.

However, I had a little help from someone of the type just about a week ago. Ever heard of the Rich Jerk?

Well, I thought that this man was all talk and had nothing good to contribute which is why I bought his e-book just so that I could have a big laugh about how he’s not so cocky in his commonsense e-book. I ended up kicking myself.

The Rich Jerk has a lot of valuable information, although you’d have to dig through all the condescending language most of the time.

But regardless, it indeed has useful information when it comes to fields of affiliate marketing, wholesaling, search engine optimization and everything in between.

First of all, I appreciated his entire input on how one can protect oneself from scammers online.

I think this is something pretty relevant since we conduct business online and the only way for our business to prosper is if we transact with people online as well and we can’t really be sure of they are.

Another section of the e-book that I really appreciate is entire subject on making money through the buying and selling of wholesale goods.

It also includes techniques for making the most out of your affiliate business. And another thing, The Rich Jerk also has never before discussed strategies for doing search engine optimization.

What I think really tops everything off is the fact that upon your purchase of the Rich Jerk, you will actually be given a website to help you start your online business.

However, if the e-book is not useful at all to you, you can get your money back within 45 days of purchase.

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