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Is Body Contouring Right for You?

Is Body Contouring Right for You?

Body contouring procedures are becoming increasingly popular, in part because so many people lose extreme amounts of weight after they have had bariatric surgery. The procedure, however, is not for everybody. In fact, when you read the reviews and reports on a body contouring clinic like Sono Bello, for instance, you will see the huge variety of people who have had the surgery completed. This doesn’t mean that anybody can have body contouring, however. It is vital that you are properly assessed, so that you can lower the risk of complications and speed up your healing process.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Body Contouring Surgery?

There are three key elements to determining whether or not you will be a good candidate for this type of surgery:

  1. Your general health. You need to be able to demonstrate that you feel good, that you eat well, and that you exercise plenty. This is particularly important if you have had bariatric surgery, as you may experience a range of problems like stomach ulcers, GI bleeding, and/or nausea and vomiting. In many cases, people who have had weight loss surgery won’t be physically ready for further surgery until they have not only reached their weight goal, but have maintained it for a while as well. This is because they are likely to have nutritional deficiencies, which can make body contouring surgery quite risky. Your physician will perform full blood checks to make sure your body is healthy enough.
  2. Your body mass index (BMI), which will help a surgeon to see how effective the surgery is likely to be. Simply taking excess skin away will not make you look better overall if you currently are still obese. If you have a thick layer of fat underneath your skin, then the effects of body contouring surgery will be barely noticeable. Generally speaking, you will be expected to have a BMI of below 30 in order to be a good candidate. Certain surgeons will be happy to perform the procedure if your BMI is higher, although you find it nearly impossible to find a surgeon who accepts patients with a BMI of 35 or above.
  3. Your finances. Generally speaking, body contouring surgery is not covered by insurance companies, unless there is a demonstrable medical need for it. If this can be demonstrated, you can speak to your insurance company and they will then generally cover only that particular element of necessity. Hence, whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of surgery will depend to a large degree on whether or not you can afford it.

These three elements should be able to help you find out whether you are a good candidate for body contouring surgery. It is also very much about having realistic expectations. If you have lost as much weight as you want to lose, you may be eager to have those finishing touches completed. However, you must make sure that you are physically healthy enough to withstand the surgery itself.

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