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Intuitive Password: The best free online password manager

This Online Password Manager – Intuitive Password is a state of the art password manager for all your needs, be it personal use or business use. The program is available as a free website and it’ll help you store, manage and retrieve your passwords at any time, without having to risk anything due to the government-used algorithm set they implemented to keep your information safe and secure.

When we think of internet security, the first thing that comes to mind is our passwords for the many accounts we need today to do some basic browsing. For example, you’ll need a Google account in order to get more relevant results and a Facebook account to keep in touch with Friends. From there on, you’ll probably need accounts for other stuff, depending on your browsing habits. In order to properly manage and keep these passwords safe, you should consider something like Intuitive Password, a free password manager which not only allows you to safely store your saved passwords, but to use them just about anywhere you have a working internet connection.

Once you input your passwords into this great product, you’ll be able to access them on any device which allows online browsing. Tablets, laptops, smartphones are all viable for this application. Aside from that, when you start up the application and log in, you can automatically log in to any saved website with the credentials stored in your app. So you don’t need to copy paste usernames and passwords in order to do that. The program’s interface is very intuitive and allows for far more than just a few saved passwords.

The second important thing you can do with this amazing piece of software is generate strong passwords. There’s a slider which will increase based on whether your password is stronger. When you’re happy with what the password strength meter, you can automatically save the password for later use. Aside from this, you can actually share your log in information with friends and family when you need to access your account but something doesn’t work on your end, or someone you trust needs some additional functionality but doesn’t want to create an account to get it so he or she uses yours.

Another great thing about this online password manager is the fact that you can use two devices to get access to the database. This security measure will make it impossible for someone to get access to your password database without having your laptop and your smartphone at the same time. When they try to access your account, they’ll be prompted to insert a code which is only sent to your phone, based on your phone number. If they don’t have access to your phone, they won’t be able to access your account and, in the meantime, you can either retrieve your laptop or close up important accounts or change their passwords.

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When you access your password list, you will be prompted with real time analysis of that specific passwords. You’ll learn whether the password you chose for that specific website or account is strong enough as to not be considered vulnerable. You’ll then be able to change it in order to be better protected. Using the built-in password generator will allow you to get passwords which are a lot more secure and keep your accounts more safe for longer periods of time.

The website which provides this great service looks great and it’ll present you the product in a straight-forward manner. You’ll learn about the basic functionality of the product and how to use it in an intelligent and time-efficient manner. Once you set up your free account, you can rest easy knowing that your passwords are all saved there, ready for use. The website’s interface is so intuitive that even if you’re not an experienced computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone user, you’ll be able to get around pretty easy without having to worry about getting stuck at one point or messing something up. Each and every password you have in this program can be edited at any moment and updated accordingly when you decide to change it.

Now, you might think that an online password manager won’t help you that much if you forget the password to the manager itself. But don’t worry – using an email address, you can easily reset your password within a few short moments. And once you do that, you’ll get access once again to one of the best password managers out there that runs on security algorithms approved by US security agencies. So don’t stand around waiting for something bad to happen and don’t, under any circumstance, let your passwords be managed by untrustworthy sources. Use Intuitive Password in order to rest easy knowing that all your credentials are stored safely, properly and easily accessible on a great looking and awesome platform.

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