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It is very common to have a Internet Marketing Agency build beautiful graphic filled websites, with lots of options. You feel great because the site looks beautiful. There are lots of these sites out there because of the many web designers that have recently graduated web design school.

The problem with these sites is they usually are responsible for only about 2% of your revenue. Don’t get me wrong, these internet marketing agencies are not trying to purposely deceive you, they are doing just what they were trained for. Why, then are these sites pulling such low numbers?

Many of these web designers lack a couple of things, experience and the understanding that the internet is really just people. You must know these people to be able give them what they are looking for on the internet. People are usually on the internet looking for free information that they are willing to pay for if it meets their needs or mainly desires.

70% of the people that go online with a credit card in hand to purchase leave without a purchase because they could not understand the website and became confused. The internet is becoming a mainstream shopping device, and must be as simple as possible.

Always try to use only 2 or 3 colors at the most on a website and make sure they are not hard on the eyes. Some people have very sensitive eyes. Make the navigation very simple with well posted instructions of everything someone should do to obtain the info or product they are looking for.

One of the best tests you can do on a website is have an elderly person that does not use the computer much try to navigate your site and if the instructions are clear enough even a first time user should be able to use your site. Simplicity is your ultimate goal!

Another major problem internet marketing agencies can bring upon your campaign is when they say to you “Think of some keywords you think your customers would use.” Even if you know your customers every detail you still do not know which keywords are saturated and which ones you have a chance at ranking in or the amount of traffic each one gets. There are many other factors to consider also. The main point is…

Keywords are the Oxygen of your campaign! Without good ones it dies!

Keywords cannot be left to chance, there are many keyword research tools available that will give different data depending upon the type of internet marketing strategies you are using. The main point is if any internet marketing agencies you are using tells you to pick your own keywords, it could be wise to investigate new internet marketing agencies instead.

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