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The infection.

Inspired By A Good Virus Removal.

The infection.

There are various ways to contracting a virus. You don’t have to be watching porn either. It’s easy to get and hard to get rid of. They are made to steal your personal information such as files and passwords. They annoy you and are even made to spy on others. Most viruses can be handled with this method. Check out these easy steps to virus removal.

Once you got it.

Most of the time it is easy to know when you have been infected. If you have pop ups on your computer instructing you to buy or click on naughty pics its infected. Another sign is when the speed of your PC has slowed down drastically. If none of the programs you have are working properly and keep closing out, is another one. Viruses could also give you stop error screens and keep closing out.

Clean up

First boot to safe mode. Its faster and easier to work here. You need to remove all cookies and cache. Its good to use a type of clean up scan. Do not forget to remove all the temp Internet files and prefetch files. Find the prefetch folder by typing the word into the run box.

Other unwanted programs.

Now all unwanted and not needed programs can be removed in the add/remove list. This is located in the control panel. Some viruses are attracted with certain downloads of files. This will free up much needed space on your drive. It will also clean out old registry entries and files.

Run a scan.

Next you need to run a full anti-virus scan on your PC. This will take some time and needs to be done in safe mode. During this process its best to let the computer just run its scan. It will uses less resources and will remove everything. Once the scan completes remove all remnants of the viruses. There should be a button to do this with.

Browser Hijack.

Sometimes your browser can be hijacked. It’s good to use some type of Trojan or hijack remover. Smitfraudfix is a good example. Then once its finished you can reset the browser back to original state. Uninstall all toolbars and extra pop up blockers. To many will not work correctly and not block anything.

Is the Virus still present?

Advanced users can actually do more. If there is still a problem, do a search for the virus in the registry. Be very careful because this is the brains of the computer. Remove all associated keys found with this search. You can also do a search for those files in windows or in the hard drive. Then you can go through the start up files located in msconfig and disable some of them. Do not let it happen again.

Be in the know.

Once your computer is connected to the Internet you should get a good anti-virus program. It’s not all about the price. Remember key points in virus removal. Too many programs will cancel one another out and not work properly, Making it easier to get a virus.

If you want a virus free computer, then you need to purchase a good virus removal program. We have a list of the best free and paid virus removal and pc cleanup tools at our website. These are programs that we use personally use and have had great success with. www.froggyit.com

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