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If you are an iPhone fan, then InkedPanda is without any other further doubt the place where you can find the perfect cases that match any occasion. In addition to that, you can also ‘go green’ as most iPhone cases on Inked Panda come in environmentally friendly designs that remind you of nature.

And if cases that resemble wood are just not enough for you, InkedPanda offers you bamboo iPhone 5 cases, such as the Chevelle, the Camero or others that honor some of the greatest artists that ever graced the earth. Moreover, some of these cases come in national flags, such as the British flag, for instance, while others remind you of world renowned monuments, such as the Statue of Liberty.


Regardless of your choice, InkedPanda has the right iPhone case for you. If you love colors, then you will surely love the printed collection of iPhone 5 cases that InkedPanda has to offer. Thinking of the rainbow? Well, you can have it as an iPhone case. Love dots? We have them too – in all colors and shapes.

You can even opt for a customized iPhone 5 case. Send us a picture that you would like to see on your case and we will gladly provide you with a custom printed iPhone 5 case. Do you want your name on your phone? We can arrange that – quite easily and effortlessly! You will have your new, customized iPhone 5 case just as you always wanted it.


I chose not to tell you anything about our prizes, but I can’t help myself. Here’s just a slight hint: You won’t believe your eyes – yes, that is true, we have the most affordable prices out there. If you do not believe us, then feel free to check it out for yourself.

Once you are convinced, take your time to browse through our iPhone cases again and choose the ones that fit your personality and interests. The checkout is quite easy and user-friendly, we will make sure that you won’t experience any inconveniences.

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