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Important Considerations When Choosing A Custom Overbust Corset

This article gives a brief overview of the two most popular types of corset available today followed by a more detailed look at important points that need to be considered when buying a custom fit overbust corset. The most flexible type of corset is the underbust. As the name infers it does not cover the bust, instead it stops just below. As this type of corset can be fitted by a simple measurement of waist size, the underbust corset is readily available to buy off the shelf. If your intention is to either wear a corset with a bra or wear a corset underneath clothes then this is the most suitable choice.

Overbust corsets are designed to give full support and hide to a certain extent the breasts. This type of corset will generally run from the hips right up to the bust. This type of corset makes a nice style of clothing in its own right and is not designed to be worn under other clothes.

When you start to talk about a custom corset this usually refers to overbust corsets. Unlike the underbust corset, the overbust requires a variety of different measurements in order for a correct fitting. It is not enough just to have your waist size at hand. Further measurements will include your bust size, your hip size and the vertical distance between all of them to ensure the perfect fit.

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