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Importance of Titles for Search engine optimisation

Many have debated the benefit of spending time in developing titles for website pages as an essential part of a search engine optimisation strategy. Most SEO agencies prefer focusing on the more talked about optimisation tactics such as content and link building which if done correctly don’t bother with other finer aspects of optimisation.

Page titles are essential form a number of different perspectives. Having a relevant page title for a website is good practice and conforms to SEO best practice guidelines. It gives your website an edge over companies that might be higher up the rank that your website or have poor titles and also improves the relevancy of a page in the eyes of the search engine hence impacting its rankings through search engine optimisation. Another important role of the title is that they are stored in browser history lists, and the browsers label the pages by using the web page titles. When a user wants to visit a page again, the web page with a descriptive title will be really easy for them to find. In addition, RSS generators and content management systems create headlines by using web page titles.

Research shows that some of the most successful business online have authoritative positions through search engine optimisation along with well optimised titles.

When writing titles they should be short and compelling but at the same time contain the relevant keywords in a coherent fashion. This will assist in improving click through from potential customers along with maximizing the output of the search engine optimisation campaign. By writing a non-descriptive or teaser type title, you will not be able to evoke the interest of the user. A good web page title will summarize the content on the web page and make it easy for the user to identify what you are offering.

If your web page titles have relevant keywords in the beginning of the sentence and are written in a concise and clear manner, the benefits will come. However adding keywords is important, but remember not to stuff all the keywords in the title as keyword spam will only repel visitors as well as search engine spiders.

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