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I need another hosting…

Since my website is having more and more traffic, I am looking for a good, flexible web hosting package. The disadvantage of shared hosting is that on the same server there are tons of parked domains, websites, MySql processes, PHP queries etc, which make the server, as a whole, have huge loads which basically makes each and every website to load like hell.

I had good experiences in the past with companies like Hostforweb. I also tried our Rackspace and Vpsnet with their cloud based vps hosting, but it is too expensive for me, It is not profitable to have a $200/month server and the income from your ads to stop at $100. I would have to spend an extra $100 just to keep my website up.

There are many website owners who faces the same concerns like I do. Migrating from one hosting company to another makes your website not only glitch in the eyes of search engines but also, indirectly, makes you loose money.

That’s why web hosting review websites are so handy. There websites are based on actual customers review, people that share their experiences with different web hosting companies. The process, a as a whole creates a competitive process among all web hosting companies. I am sure you won’t choose a company that has tons of negative feedback.

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