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I Ate Some Pie T-shirt

Math jokes are definitely witty and funny. These are among the nerdy jokes are already becoming well-known, especially now that many people think nerdy is cool. Now, being geeky is widely acceptable. You can flaunt all your nerdiness by wearing these kinds of shirts. I Ate Some Pie T-shirt also shows that Math geeks aren’t just nerdy. They can also be funny and cool at the same time. These shirts prove that being brainy can be cool and they also have a great sense of humor.

I Ate Some Pie T-shirt is best for the Math geeks and Math lovers. This is a great shirt that allows you to sport your interest in Math, among other things. Its also unique and different. You dont see these kinds of shirt in the shelves of your favorite clothing store. This means you wont see much people wearing the same shirt. No more awkward bumping into people with the same shirt. Some people will definitely find it hard to figure out where you bought your shirt, too. These shirts are uncommon and different from branded shirts that are usually worn.

This is also an interesting inside joke shirt. Not everyone can understand the statement printed on the shirt, which makes it a secret message.Only those who know the Math symbols and what they mean will get the hidden statement. Some people, especially those who know the symbols and numbers, will laugh at it while others will stare and think about what it means. Seeing other people take time to decode the message can also be interesting.

This shirt is best for those Math major students in college. This is a cool shirt to wear to your Math class. Everyone in class will definitely laugh or smirk because of your shirt. Its really attention-grabbing, especially if you walk into a room of Math majors or those interested in Math. Your Math professor will definitely be interested with your shirt, as well.

This I Ate Some Pie T-shirt can be worn be either male or female. This Math joke shirt is not just for the Math students or Math majors. If you love Math and want to dress up uniquely, then grab this shirt. Teenagers, yuppies, and even grandparents who want to look cool and bee different can wear this shirt. Theres no age limit to being cool and nerdy.

This is also a great shirt for those casual days when you feel like wearing jeans with your favorite sneakers. It can be a to-go shirt when running errands or if you want something comfortable for a long day. You can also wear it with any of your favorite clothing items. Its very easy to mix and match it with other clothes in your closet.

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