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How Using TestRush Can Improve Sports Recovery

There are reports of successful results brought on by TestRush. Many have claimed, since using this testosterone supplement, they have noticed an improvement in energy, strength, muscle recovery and sex drive. Reports stated that upon waking up in the morning, running, physical work and sex, in a typical day, increasing testosterone levels allowed easier activity management.

After taking TestRush for a total of 7 days, a change happened. My energy and strength levels have increased drastically and suddenly the tiredness and lack of strength and energy experiences have faded away. This increase in energy is due to elevate testosterone that is helping my muscles to recover faster and supporting lean musclemass development. By taking testosterone supplements I am able to build muscle faster, and improve fat loss. I am also taking some protein powder to support the caloric deficit that I am creating. read my story below and see why you should be taking TestRush.


A normal weight lift day turned into one of the most productive of all my weight lifting experiences. Now normally, at the age of 40, after one of my weight lifting experiences it takes about 3-5 days of muscle recovery, but after two days, a full muscle recovery was a success and on that morning of the third day, I was up energized and on a 20 minute run. I also noticed that my muscle mass was leaner and had improved. Normally, I do not run in the morning, due to sluggishness, but that morning and many mornings after, my energy was sufficient to manage morning runs.

Now typically, before taking TestRush, a typical work day is stressful and dreadful but since the positive effects of testosterone level boosting, I’ve approached work with a different attitude – energetic and positive. My new attitude seems to have a major impact on the work place and the office wants to know my secret. “You want to know my secret ? There is no secret! I take TestRush!”

The improved muscle mass factor is a valued aspect in my line of work as well. I work in the construction business as a plumber and my job requires heavy lifting. After increasing testosterone levels, strength improved and I had less of a struggle lifting heavy objects and suddenly, I became more productive. There is no doubt in my mind that TestRush is a success, no doubt at all!

After work, I pick my son up from baseball practice. Usually I am beat and have little energy to share, but things have been different. I actually get more involved with his practices. Actually, before going inside the house we hit the baseball a bit out in the front yard. My son commented on my hitting strength and suggested I go pro, I just laughed, knowing if TestRush had not given me a strength and energy increase I would probably hit like a girl or pouting on the inside about my job.

After helping my son with homework, my wife got in, and usually she is exhausted but for the past two days she has been energetic as well. I am thinking she is sneaking some of my TestRush without me knowing it, but if she is fantastic. After eating and getting the kids to bed, the magic happened and we had a very great and engaging experience.

After this energetic day was over, I was sore in the morning, but after a 2 day muscle recovery, I was back at it again!

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