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How Using Interactive Broadcasting Can Improve Your Business

How Using Interactive Broadcasting Can Improve Your Business

No matter what business you are in, it will thrive when you increase the amount of time that you are able to spend in front of customers. While true, it’s a common misconception is that this face time needs to be in-person for it to be effective.

Interactive broadcasting offers businesses the opportunity to get in front of their customers more often, and with far less of an investment of your time and resources. If your business is interested in using video more, but you’re struggling to find places where adding interactive broadcasting makes sense, then why not try some of our suggestions?

Use Interactive Video For Product Training

Every product sold today has some type of learning curve associated with it. During the onboarding process, you will want to provide your new customer with the best product training possible, and this is the perfect place to implement interactive broadcasting immediately. Switching your process from onboarding a customer with static training materials or in-person training sessions to interactive broadcasting is a great example of a win-win scenario.

For your customer, they can schedule an interactive session when it’s convenient for them, without the headache of hosting you (or traveling to your offices), and the training can be fit into an otherwise busy schedule. For your business, interactive broadcasting reduces many of the costs associated with the onboarding process and it is scalable. If you are trying to onboard multiple clients, you can connect them all to a single video session and answer all of their questions in one condensed training.

Take Customers ‘Behind The Scenes’

Wanting to see what happens behind the scenes of a business is simple human nature, but it doesn’t make sense for businesses to offer this to every customer that walks in your front door. Having an interactive show that takes customers ‘behind the scenes’ at your business can help to personalize your brand and show customers just who is responsible for the product that they use (or are considering purchasing).

This type of interactive broadcasting also gives you the opportunity to differentiate your business from that of your competitors. After all, which company would you rather work with, the one that ‘introduced’ you to their employees, or the faceless brand with a slick marketing campaign?

Offer Exclusive Interviews With Employees

Setting up exclusive, live interviews with employees takes customers one step beyond the traditional ‘behind the scenes’ interview. It allows them to learn more about your company from some of the most committed employees in the firm. Broadcasting these interviews live can let your customers ask pointed questions to a member of the firm, or get some more background behind your product or service. After all, 65% of your customers will remember information better when it has been paired with a visual, and allowing them to ask questions during the interactive interview just adds to the engagement.

Use Live Video For Technical Support Sessions

No product or service is perfect, so when your customers do find themselves in need of a technical support guru, you want to make sure that they have the best experience that they can possibly have. Using live video to broadcast your technical support session can help you connect with customers using a higher-touch medium and solve their problems more effectively.

Using video for technical support (or anything else for that matter) does have potential pitfalls however. The quality of the video that you are broadcasting is paramount. You want to make sure that you are using the highest possible quality video, and that the connection is extremely stable. The last thing that you want is for your video to stutter or cut out during your interactive broadcast, which can quickly take away from the great first impression that you’ve made. The CEO of the interactive broadcasting company put it best: “The big problem for easy, hassle-free embedding of real-time communications within Internet-based applications is the lack of quality of experience (QoE). If connections are unreliable, voices keep cutting out, and video images break up, then people will not use these embedded real-time capabilities.” Long story short, you don’t want an unreliable connection to be the last thing that your customer remembers from their experience with you.

Interactive broadcasting using live video is something that can be easily added into every part of your business. When you have thought about interactive broadcasting in the past, did you consider any of the above areas? Let us know in the comments.

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