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Wordpress out of the box permits basic management of the fundamental SEO meta data. To expand the functionality we add our own super-charged version of the All-In-One-SEO Pack. The SEO pack makes it simple to change the page title and page meta description.

How To Super-Power WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

WordPress out of the box permits standard management of the main SEO meta information. To expand the functionality we add our own super-charged version of the All-In-One-SEO Pack. The SEO pack makes it simple to alter the page title and page meta description.

The All-In-One-SEO Pack is a great WordPress plugin that completes the SEO aspects for WordPress. For some unknown reason WordPress still has not got the SEO fixed out of the box.

The All-In-One-SEO Pack provides for you to change the most significant page components – page title and page description. It also permits you to modify the page keywords, but as we all know, search engines no longer take note of these because they have been spammed too much in the past. Google stopped using the keywords for page ranking in the early 2000’s.

Page Title tags

This is the No1 SEO element to manipulate. Constantly make sure that you control the page title. The page title appears in the browser window at the very top of the screen. Search engines use this in the listings and show it in their search results.

Ideally the page title consists only of appropriate keywords and nothing else. To make the text more human readable then we often add a pipe character (

The page title is the MOST powerful SEO page element because it is like the title of a book. And just like a book title, if it is good it will be more attractive to readers.

If your page needs to extend to cover two or three keywords we have learned that you can still get great rankings from adding multiple keywords to the title. But do remember that the closer the page title is to the keyword you want to rank for the better.

Even though it is best to keep the page title just to the keywords you want to rank for, if you are a branded business you will also most likely want to add in your company name so that it is displayed on Google in your listing.

Page Descriptions

This element is NOT used by search engines for ranking purposes. However, virtually all search engines will use this in their search results so it is important. Google does not use the description all the time but we find that it uses it about 80-90% of the time. The rest of the time it will pick up the first piece of text on the page.

By having a good description it will increase your click through rates because the text will be more magnetic to people. Ensure that you use a maximum of 156 characters. If you use any more characters Google will truncate the rest. If you can keep your descriptions to–0 characters or less this is even better seeing Google sometimes adds a date to the start of the description which is part of the 156 characters it displays.

SEO Meta data shown on Google listing

Changing the meta data and page title

At the bottom of every page and post you will find the meta tags plugin details. Update the details appropriately. Note: If you can only use see the title for the plugin and no details, just click the title and the section will expand.

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