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How to Start an Online Business Without Being a Victim

How to Start an Online Business Without Being a Victim of Internet Business Fraud

The number one most stressful part of starting an online business is the fear of getting scammed by a seemingly trustworthy company. Obviously scams are a problem because they steal your money without providing the product you were “promised”. Further, they steal your hopes and dreams of independence and financial security. Lives are devastated and futures ruined. Fortunately, I have helpful tips on how to start a successful online business while avoiding scams.


Paying someone for their help in starting an online business is a great way to break into the world of online income. Unfortunately, there are many people out there claiming to have easy, turnkey businesses you can start today. They claim you will make loads of money without doing or knowing anything. Obviously you need to know something about online commerce to be successful so follow these basic rules to protect yourself:

RULE #1 = If it Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is!

RULE #2 = Research The Company Before You Sign Up And Pay!

RULE #3 = Make sure You Understand The Business They are Selling!

RULE #4 = Learn About Different Types Of Internet Fraud and How Those Schemes Worked!


Still be on guard. Even if the business seems to be on the up-and-up, scam artists have spent years perfecting their trade, while you have only begun your internet business adventure. Now I do not want to dissuade you from following this new path to your dreams. I just want you to drive defensively through the internet highway by following these simple steps:

STEP #1 = Pay ONLY by Credit Card On Secure Sites.

STEP #2 = Have A Full List of Costs Involved with the Online Business Package.

STEP #3 = Ensure The Business Has A Trial Period and Money Back Guarantee.


If you do have the misfortune of being a fraud victim contact Law Enforcement in your area. They will help you fight back against the fraud. But, make sure you save everything: emails, contacts, web-page, addresses, and any other communication you have had with your assailant in an email folder. It’s also a good idea to make a hard copy backup of everything to avoid electronic failures. That way if you are scammed you can quickly transfer information to the authorities so these people can be stopped.

I know there are many proven internet businesses that work. Just be cautious and follow these easy steps to ensure your at home online business is successful and you are getting advise from proven masters, not just fly-by-night scam artists.

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