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Trying to record your webinar?

How To Record Your Webinar – Professional Tips and Tricks!

Trying to record your webinar?

I can give you a few tips, but before I do, let me explain why you would even want to record it at all.

– Replays

Many people who couldn’t attend your webinar live are still interested in your products or services. So, providing a replay is a great way to get more sales and even have your customers pass the replay along to others virally.

– Product Creation

You can upload your webinar recording to a password-protected web site or turn it into a CD you can sell.

– Training Module

This one is related to “product creation” above. Record a webinar so you can add the recording to an existing product or perhaps extra training on a specific topic. You could even record webinars and use them as bonuses to give away with the purchase of one of your major products.

So, what does it take to record a webinar?

Some webinar hosting companies have a recording feature built in, but you always want your own recording as a back up. And strange as it may sound, your recording may higher quality.

Step 1: Begin your webinar by logging into the host compnay as the organizer.

Step 2: Using a SECOND computer, login as an attendee to your own webinar.

Your second computer should have screen capture software like Camtasia. When you use this software, you will be able to capture the audio and video from your webinar. Once it’s recorded, you can convert your webinar into whatever kind of file you read.

Step 3: On your second computer that is recording your webinar, set your screen parameters and audio settings and hit “record.”

Also, follow these technical tricks: set your audio to record “inline.” Use a 1/8″ to 1/8 audio jack so that the computer records only the webinar and not your voice coming through from the second computer. This way you can be in the same room with the computer that’s recording your presentation.

But if you plug one end of the 1/8″ cable into the mic jack and the other end of the 1/8″ cable into the headphone jack, you can set the recording computer right next to you and even see in real time what your attendees are seeing. This helps with lag problems and is a great safety check when presenting live.

Step 4: At the end of the webinar, either burn the recording to a CD or upload it to the Internet.

You can also spice up your recording by adding music on the front end and back end. Make sure to use royalty-free so you don’t get in trouble. You can also add a “call to action” on the web page that has your webinar replay. This way, they don’t have far to go when they watch your replay and want to buy!

Recording your webinars is easy and can be extremely profitable. Give it a try and watch your sales increase by leaps and bounds.

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