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How to make money online using your experience as a capital

Some time ago a friend of mine asked me how she can make some additional bit of money by working from home. Instead of giving her a piece of advice straightaway on how to make money online I asked her what is that one single thing that she does best. A mother of three and nearing 40 she did not hesitate to admit she is good with children. This is one thing that was undoubtedly her forte and I must admit her kids are wonderful, thanks to their mom. The next thing that I told her was she has my answer.

About three weeks later I did hear from her again. She sent me a text message with an URL and a thank you. She had launched a parenting website that dealt with everything about the nitty gritty of raising a child.

At the end of the day anything and everything that you do qualifies you to do something professionally. A HR manager or a recruiter from a company may not think ten years of raising kids as professional qualification that can qualify you for a job, but that is invaluable when it comes to guiding first time parents.

This long introduction was necessary as the question that my friend asked about how to make money online can only be answered by emphasizing on two things. First what you can do best and second how to do that professionally. Knowing this, there are a lot of ways you can do a few extra bucks online. That brings us back to my friend. She has had extensive experience raising her three children almost single handedly. She took the help of a local web designer who created a simple yet fresh layout for her and she wrote about her experiences at length. Ten years of parenting is a wealth of knowledge. Right from successfully conceiving a child, to knowing when you are pregnant, to the right sitting posture when you are pregnant, proper diet, post natal care, child birth, feeding routine, burping and so on; she wrote numerous articles that answered many of the common and not so common questions, doubts and apprehensions that any expecting or new mother can have.

She also penned several e-books and even took the time to write back to every single user on her website who had specific questions or problems. Today she has more than 5000 subscribers on her website. A small 20 dollar membership entitles her users to get personalized email answers from her for any questions that they have during pregnancy and after child birth for one year. It also entitles them to the entire repository of information that the website has and also a free copy of her ebook on parenting.

Today she makes enough money to support her three children and herself and she is not required to even step out of her home. The point is, the Internet offers you an opportunity to showcase your talent and your experience like no other medium does. Plus, the Internet gives you a global audience. Many of the paid members on my friends’ website are from outside the US. The thing that is required is the passion for what you want to do and a bit of courage to take that online.

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