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How to Influence and Inspire Your Employees and Friends
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How to Influence and Inspire Your Employees and Friends

Some people were born to be inspirations and good influences. You know you had that one friend that always made bad decisions and got you in trouble when you were a kid. And your mom would point out how that child was a bad influence. And then, maybe you turned that kid around because you decided to be a good influence instead of following their bad one. That’s the kind of person that inspires their employees, coworkers, and friends.

Be the Best Example of a Hard Worker

If you have your own business and seek to inspire and influence your employees, you should lead with the best example of a hard worker. Don’t expect them to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. You should instead dig in and show your employees why you are a boss and their company leader. Your excellent work ethic and skill confidence will rub off and make your employees want to be better too.

Listen to Their Woes and Offer Advice

Employees, friends, whatever… when someone has the guts to come to you for advice, offer it to them. And really listen to what they have to say. You never know the woes and heartaches in someone else’s life, but you can make a difference with the way you interact, connect, and react.

Encourage Them to Be Passionate and Driven

When you have a passion and drive for what you do, it shines through in who you are as a friend, boss, and person in general. You become someone who people can look up to, admire, and feel motivated by. So, strive to be that person. Encourage others with your passion and drive, because that’s what they need if they want to succeed in whatever they do. Passion comes from a love of something, while drive comes from wanting to be successful.

Build Their Confidence with Praise

In terms of being a good boss, you should definitely go heavy on genuine praise and commendations for your team of employees. Let them know when they are doing a fantastic job, but keep harsh criticisms to yourself. Instead aim to critique thoughtfully and kindly, but with conviction to get your points across without seeming like a tyrant. Ask them for their opinions on things, like your business’s new LED sign graphics, and get genuine input with authentic, positive feedback. Engage. Interact. Connect.

The best thing you can be, for friends and employees alike, is present. Your attentions are divided, so you should learn to multi-task your advice, feelings, and rays of inspiration. Strive to motivate and build up, rather than bring down and ignore.

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