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How to Improve eyesight in 2 weeks or less

How to Improve eyesight in 2 weeks or less

Failing eyesight (click on the link, it’s an awesome website)is a common problem amongst young adults as well as the elderly. Increased life spans as well as further and longer exposure to things that hasten bad eyesight are leading many more people to suffer from deteriorating vision. Eating certain foods have long been rumoured to improve failing eyesight, but what really causes it and what can you do about it? We’ve gathered together some of the main causes of bad eyesight to help you identify the problems you may be facing.

I’m a young guy with a passion for helping people. I want to reach out and provide information about ways to naturally exercise your eyes and improve vision. I know what its like to have short sightedness (myopia) and what an irritant it can be and how it affects my day to day life.

Eye strain

Reading used to be the main culprit when it comes to eye strain, but that’s now been replaced by excessive computer usage. Eye strain causes blurry vision and short-sightedness, particularly if the eye is not allowed to rest or change range over an extended period of time. One way to ease this is to give your eyes periodic breaks when studying or working, by forcing yourself to focus on something far away. This is a condition that often affects academics, researchers and other professions that do a lot of intense reading and writing work.


Myopia (also known as near-sightedness) is one of the most common eye disorders. Similar to eye strain, it causes the sufferer to see much better at close range than at a distance. However, unlike simple eye strain, with myopia, the near-sightedness does not go away after the eyes have had a break. The cause behind this is that the eyes are refracting the light rays too much or too soon and the image tends to be generated in front of the retina. The symptoms presented are blurry vision when looking into the distance, but generally good near vision.


Glaucoma is an extreme condition as it is one of the causes of failing eyesight. It is usually caused by increased pressure within the eye itself, which eventually causes the vision to become weakened. There are two forms of glaucoma: open-angled and closed-angle glaucoma. Open-angled happens slowly and with little pain, whereas closed-angled happens rapidly and with severe pain. In both cases, the disease makes it harder to see over time, eventually leading to blindness.


Ah, yes. Alas, no one’s yet figured out how to halt the march of time. Usually in the course of getting older, the lens in the eye will thicken and become less flexible. Aside from glasses, surgery is the only option to correct this problem, but unfortunately, any surgery you undertake will only be able to slow down the ageing of the eye, rather than prevent it from happening.

If you find yourself suffering from bad eyesight due to any of the above, consider Intralase Lasik Laser eye surgery to restore your vision to its full strength. A simple, safe and effective procedure could prevent years of misery and put a stop to steadily deteriorating eyesight.

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