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How to Get Web Hosting And Start Blogging

The first step anyone must take in making money from blogging is first finding a reliable web host. There are many web hosts available on the Internet and I will just name a few off the top of my head starting with iPage, Hostgator and bluehost. These are my first picks as they are among some of the best web hosts I’ve had the pleasure to use. You always want to make sure that your web host supports cpanel as this will make setting up your blogs much more streamlined.

With cpanel installed you’ll be able to run scripts at the click of a button without any hassle. The one on my server is called simplescripts. Simplescirpts allows you to install a CMS system such as WordPress, Joomla and a few other content management systems. It will automatically set up your SQL databases for you so that all you simply have to do is login; set up your blog, and begin writing your new content.

I really can’t think of a better solution to automate blogging. Last month I was able to launch five brand-new websites in a single day. Anyone that’s ever been blogging for a good amount of time knows that it’s important to be able to scale very quickly online. Having cpanel installed is crucial for any marketer online so make sure your web host supports this feature.

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