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How to get rid of wasps?

Many insects, especially wasps can be regarded as little pains, although they can prove to turn into giant ones; and that is exactly where pest control comes in. Wasp problems are not that difficult to handle. Before you actually start your wasp control activity, you should read on to see how to get rid of wasps in a safe and effective way.

First of all, you should know that It is always better to prevent than to treat – it is a known fact throughout the world. The very best way to handle wasp control is to keep your home protected by keeping the surrounding areas clean and free of sources of water and humidity. Moreover, make sure that your doors and windows are correctly sealed. Small breaches in your home’s structure are the ideal way for wasps to start building a nest.

If however, your wasp problem is already there, you can always hire a professional pest control contractor or do the job yourself. In case you opt for the second option, you must be aware of the fact that wasps are dangerous insects and that they can sting a person several times – unlike bees, which die after a single sing. If you are allergic to wasp venom, take great care in case you insist to do your own pest control.

Go to your local hardware shop and buy a tin of wasp remover. Read the instructions carefully and then locate the wasp nest. In case it is near doorway, make sure that you can access the house some other way. You will have to get out of there the second you use the wasp remover.

Next, wait for the correct time of day that the product mentions. Then, wear old, thick clothes and goggles – if you manage to cover your skin and face completely, even better. Make sure that your kids and pets are out of the area, and then stand near the wasp nest, but not under it. Spray the poison directly in the wasps and leave immediately.

Wait the recommended time and avoid accessing the area for a couple of hours – usually how long you have to wait is specified on the label of the wasp remover. After that burn a small fire blow the nest. In case some of the wasps survived the poison, they will fly away immediately as they sense the smoke. Remove the nest and dispose of it in the dustbin – close the plastic bag.

To sum it all up, this is how to get rid of wasps on your own. However, it is recommended that you rely on skilled pest control specialists to take care of your wasp problems, as wasps are quite dangerous insects.

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