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How To Creative Ways To Use Embeddable Tweets

Before twitter released the embedded tweets capabilities, the only way you could share tweets on your website or blog was by ‘screen capture, and then uploading the image on your site. With embedded tweets, you can now share conversations on your site or blog quickly and with ease.

The awesome thing about embedded tweets is that it includes the graphic elements associated with the given conversation. With this capability, you can expand your online community by combining your twitter followers and your blogs followers into a single community. With embedded tweets, your web visitors or blog followers can:

  • Join the conversation by replying the tweet
  • Share the tweet with their followers by retweeting
  • Mark the conversation as favorite
  • View the authors profile as well as follow
  • View replies by clicking tweet date

These capabilities were not possible with ‘screen-captured‘image tweets.

How to use embeddable tweet

There are a number of important considerations that one should take into account concerning embedded tweets: one is the technical aspect and the other one is the contextual aspects. ‘Embed this tweet ‘is found at the bottom of the tweet by its date. When you click the ‘embed this tweet‘ button you will be given a number of options to choose from depending on the alignment and the ‘mark-up language‘ that you want to embed.

After selecting the desired options, copy paste the code to the URL. The contextual aspect involves deciding when to use this feature- ‘embed this tweet‘. Check out Twitter latest news.

Creative Ways to Use Embedded Tweets

Use as Testimonials

Tweets can be a very powerful tool to use on your business site as testimonials. Before the embeddable tweets, the twitter widget was used to create a list of customer testimonials. The embeddable tweets enable you to use one tweet without the need of creating an entire list.

Share Event Invitations

This is especially useful for businesses that depend on hosting events to accomplish their business objective.

You can use Zinzz.com platform to create an event invitation then sharing it on your website or blog. That way, you reach out to both communities twitter and site visitors.

Add Other People’s Ideas and Opinions to Your Blog

Twitter has proved to be a very good source of ideas and different people’s opinion. By sharing other people’s opinions and ideas on your site you connect your visitors with new people. However, you should be very careful with the content that you share on your site as sometimes it can cause harm to your business.

Use a Tweet on Your Email-Signature

You can add a customer’s ‘glowing’ tweet about your business or product since you only have a small space to make a big impression. This tweet can be a very powerful tool that can just get the deal sealed. You can even add an event invitation to your email to help you reach out to your customers.

Recap Conversation Highlights into Site Content

Embedded tweets enable you to capture a conversation highlights into a blog post as well as latest news. This need arises from the fact that tweets disappear very quickly into tweeter’s timeline. This can be very useful when you want to show the quality of tweets in your conversations.

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