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The Game Copy Wizard review is going to detail the advantages and virtues of the brand new software program, which allows you to copy games from virtually any system out there, fresh or ageg, and make good copys. I will break down thats options and capacity, as well as its efficacy to every gamer.

How To Copy Xbox 360 Games Guide

This Game Copy Wizard review will throwing some light on the privileges and virtues of this new package, that allows you to copy games or movies from virtually any system out there, brand new or old, and make good copys. I am goin to break down its options and aptitude, and thats usefulness to every user.

The first point I remarked about Game Copy Wizard was very small, manageable range of this copying package. The latest update of game copying program is version 2.3, and full download clocks in at only under 2.2 MB. Some other competiotrs must to notice that fact in the future. Bigger size doesn’t necessarily mean good. Of all the game backup software i’v analyze, The Game Copy Wizard review introduced me to the compactest and the most constanted program of them all.

Before I go further in-depth into the package itself, lets look into some of the other areas of importance for that Game Copy Wizard review. In addition to the software, i got a some other thing with the order, “Advanced Console Tricks”. It is a good little addition. I was not particularly inspired with the writing on the webpage, as despite the limited amount of content on the site, they still managed to fill it with poorly written and grammatically not correct writing. This isn’t of big importance, but noticed a lack of expirience.

Finally, I tested out the site’s consumer service team by adressing them with a question. Their response i got within 12 hours. Help was with high quality. I was impressed with the knowledge of their customer service staff, and their alacrity to go into great detail support the users.

Lets back to the copy wizard itself. I continued with testing its compatibility with a huge range of systems. I copied the Xbox’s360 NHL 09, the Nintendo :Wii Sports , and the PlayStation 3’s GTA4.

During the copying process was not matter the game copied or system, and there was no technical difficulties, this was a good change of pace from similar programs. After that I I decided to play copied games. It was not matter the game or system, I was absolute satisfied with the results. My friends were too.

My last aim for this Game Copy Wizard articel was to find out its opportunity to copy computer games, which also gifted me a chance to rate the Copy Wizard’s built-in copy protection crack options. Again, I walked away impressed with this tests. I copied the PC game Call of Duty4, which works with the vile SecuROM copy defense. Game Copy Wizard got through it and copied Call of Duty 4 with no issues, You need no paches anymore.

To summirize i’d like to say that I was very impressed with the program. It is backed by some great clients support, free up-dates, and includes a very nice addon. I advise this software to every one.

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