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How to clone my hard disk?

They cloned a sheep once, and that sheep had every thing similar to its clone source, except of course it’s memories. With your hard drive on the other hand, you can copy its memory, every last bit of it, and restore it on a completely different hard drive.

Drive clone is something that a person needs to do or at least wants to do, once in their life. The fact is hard drives go bad sometimes, and other times people plain old just want to get a new one with more storage capacity. Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get a new hard drive and make it have the exact same data as your old one, so you could pick up right where you left off?

Think about it, that means you wouldn’t have to reinstall your operating system, put all of your important data on it, or even set all of those pesky little preferences back to the way you want it. They would already be done, because you just made a clone of your old hard drive, and all data will be exactly the same. So how can you accomplish this?

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