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How to Choose the Right Search Engine Optimisation Company

As part of a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy, a company providing Search Engine Optimisation can be an important advantage. These companies are expert in improving your search engine positions, consistently supervising those positions and fine-tuning their approach should they have month with unfavourable outcomes.

Search Engine Optimisation Companies invest a vast amount of time and energy and employ specialized knowledge, so it may be of more benefit to outsource their skills than attempt to sustain elevated search engine positions independently.

In business there are great companies and then there are also the rotten apples!

In order to select an inexpensive, efficient search engine optimisation company, it is important to be aware of the correct questions to pose and to know what decisive factors to look for.

Whilst reviewing your options of search engine optimisation companies, start by taking into consideration how they intend to elevate your search engine status.

Companies making use of cloaked, doorway or bridge pages to improve your position should be crossed off your list. Methods such as these contravene almost all search engine policies and at the least your website will be harshly castigated, and even worse, it may be completely removed from the index of the search engine.

A page, which is cloaked, is designed not to be seen by the website’s frequent visitors – it is invisible. A cloaked page is specifically coded for identifying a search engine spider and redirecting them to this particular page, which is created to enhance your search engine rating falsely.

A similar concept is made use of for doorway or bridge pages, although these are frequently located on an alternate server. Should they become aware of the fact that your website contains cloaked pages, Google – one of the Internet’s principal and significant search engines, will eliminate your website from their index.

Don’t ever contract any business to companies that use this modus operandi!

An additional vital consideration is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with the company you contract, in them working for your competition whilst they are in your employ. Guarantee this in a written document and make certain that it is legally binding. One can understand that a conflict of interest could critically compromise the success of a search engine optimisation strategy. It is important to keep in mind that there are those companies that will market their services to other players in your field based on their success with your website.

A company’s history of results is a crucial feature you may wish to follow up on. But don’t take their word for it!

Their results may be embellished so as to contract your business. Dig a little deeper into their assertion of success by posing a couple of relevant questions and confirming their responses.

Possible questions to pose:

1. Enquire as to which engines they have realized their top results on. You would want to see the best results on the most popular engines. Search engine popularity can alter as the whole Internet changes, so go to the Nielsen Netratings page for a Search Engine Watch. This can be viewed at http://www.searchenginewatch.com/article.php/2156451.

2. Uncover their keywords and phrases which they maintain are receiving excellent results. Unpopular words are likely to produce high rankings. As an example, few people will search for the keyword “cat leashes” which will result in a high popularity ranking. Ideally you want excellent results with popular keywords. Have a look at www.wordtracker.com, for Wordtracker software. Subscriptions are available from 1 day through to a year, or else make use of their free trial. The Wordtracker software measures how popular certain keywords and phrases are by making use of authentic search engine statistics.

3. Check out a site that the company declares to have had success with, keeping an eye open for good results. What you want to find for the whole site is a variety of different ratings on a good number of separate search engines making use of different keywords and phrases. You are entitled to ask for a report on clients the company asserts it has done well for. The report should reflect good ratings on a lot of the more popular search engines for a multiplicity of different, popular phrases and keywords.

4. Ensure the search engine optimisation company you are investigating has in fact completed the work they allege to have done. There are companies who are eager to contract your business and use other company’s successes as their own. It is best to contact the business they are claiming the results for, and enquire as to who their search engine optimisation company is. The recipe for a successful search engine optimisation drive is to have the maximum exposure over a broad assortment of popular search engines by making use of a diversity of phrases and keywords. It’s a great marketing tool to support success!

5. Remember to ask your potential search engine optimisation company to provide you with a report that illustrates rankings across many popular search engines for a time frame of a minimum of 6 months. It is important to contract a company that recognizes that search engine marketing is a continuous practice and which also continually monitors your search engine ratings. Should your search engine ratings drop, that company must also modify its tactics to maintain high rankings.

6. Another report you may feel is of benefit to request is a sample monthly report which demonstrates the constant examination of the positions. It is imperative that the rankings are extracted from the more popular search engines. It is relatively effortless to obtain fabulous results for a small amount of minor search engines – these are not impressive results. Also ensure that the results they present are actually for the current popular search engines as well as configured for straightforward comprehension. For instance, it is possible to be presented as a chart over a time period of a minimum of 6 months showing either the following data:

– A monthly analysis of the top 50 positions.

– Each month’s top 5 pages.

Determine whether this potential company keeps monthly tabs on these positions or pages, as well as whether this sample report incorporates findings and suggestions for the particular site. By following up on these factors, it makes certain that the company will not only gather your statistical positions but also vigorously monitor and amend their strategies.

You don’t simply need a company that collects information for you. What you require is a company that is a key contributor to your search engine marketing campaign.

Financial constraints may impact on your particular choice of company, however a search engine optimisation company is essential to a successful marketing campaign. It plays a vital role and is simply not a ‘nice to have’.

It is in your best interests to employ a company that will do a scrupulous and consistent job for your website and may suit you to rather pay more for an impeccable job. The alternative is to source a relatively new company. They are generally capable of providing quality and dependable work. Keep in mind that you are risking the money in your pocket on a company without a reliable history!

Before going that route, ask the company to provide you with a number of references.

References are a good indicator of a reliable company. Its best not to employ a company that won’t supply you any references, and don’t take ‘confidentiality’ as an excuse! Even doctors provide references when asked! Insist on at least two references – a current one and one from a while back.

Make preparations before following up on these references so that you don’t waste unnecessary time. Be concise and to the point with your questioning.

Enquire as to how they experienced the company, in particular reference to:

– the company’s accessibility in responding to questions,

– ability to provide solutions to problems,

– capability in meeting deadlines.

Ask them for a general performance rating of the company.

Establish whether the company asked the reference to alter their website in any noteworthy way that affected the traffic to their site. Ideally you would like a search engine optimisation company that finds the middle ground between the needs of the search engines and the requirements of the site visitors.

The most important question to ask the reference is if the company received greater profits by employing the search engine company. It makes no difference whether you are positioned at the top of the list or the bottom if you haven’t improved your profits!

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