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How To Become Part Of An Elite Social Group

Social media is a vastly growing entity, with millions of users every day.  But when you look at the social media network, how can one person or business stand out from the rest when there are so many, they usually don’t.  However there is a way to break free of ordinary and become a part of the extraordinary,

The whole concept of “Farewell My Sanity” is to give a limited number of people world fame.  If you take a look at its founder, Andrey Zakharyan, he has done everything he could to break the rules of ordinary.  He’s created a catchy website name, a quirky appearance, an out of the box symbol (The Cat),and vivid colors just to ensure he reaches the most extraordinary and vivid people to become famous in the social networking world.

If you’re tired of being just one of the millions in social networks, you need THE CAT!  If you’re wanting to show off yourself, your business, or your hobby to the world, you NEED The Cat!  Although The Cat is just a symbol, here’s what to expect when you do get The Cat:

  • Naturally the symbol, The Cat, which is an iPhone 5 and iPad Mini backpack made of the finest Italian leather, with its own number and unique QR code.
  • A user profile with a large photo and links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and personal website.

You no longer have to sit back and watch others become famous, you can be part of an infamous group if you dare.  There’s no way that someone who becomes of this elite group won’t get attention.  The symbol, The Cat, will draw attention all over the world.  You have to remember, an individual who gets The Cat is an interesting person and has a reason for getting it.  Others will want to know who you are and will come explore you, putting you above the millions.

There are only 999 total spaces available in this elite group, and although its new, the site itself is prepaid for the next ten years with auto renewal, so you’ll be in the spotlight for years to come.  It’s really up to you, you have the control to become famous, there’s limited spots, now’s your chance to become part of the elite.  You can find out more information about THE CAT, at

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