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How the stock market did so poorly for the last few years?

You probably have heard all about how the stock market did so poorly for the last few years. This was a big part of the recession, which was mostly brought on by banks and the housing market, but which then reached out to impact the whole economy, from the amount of available jobs to the amount that people earned or lost in the stock market. Some people even said that this was the worst economic time since the Great Depression, though, since people knew more about how to weather the storm, it did not get to be nearly that bad.

However, people like Pete Briger have been working with stocks and investments the whole time. There are tons of examples, but Briger is a good one because he started out in the business in 1996. That was when the economy was booming. The 1990s were a time when people had a lot of money, and it seemed like the wealth would never run out. It is easy to imagine how he was able to be successful with things going that well, but how was he able to keep up this success even with all of the downfall that came in the 2000s?

Of course, his success – or the success of any other professional investor – cannot be traced to just one thing. There are a few notable things that people did to keep from losing it all, though, and many of these people were actually able to keep earning successfully even while the stock market was a mess.

One thing that investors did was to make sure that they did not have all of their money in just one industry. They spread things out. Some industries were going to keep making money regardless. Even when the economy was bad, for example, people had to buy natural gas or propane to heat their homes. They had to buy gas for their cars and they had to buy food. There are hundreds of other examples. The investors made sure that they had everything spread out so that they did not lose it all when one part of the economy dropped drastically.

Another thing that they did was to remember that things were going to get better again. Recently, it was reported that the housing market in many places has soared back up and gotten to the highest prices that have been seen since before 2008. This is a huge surge, and investors who bought homes when they were at their lowest made a lot as they came back to normal. A smart investor knows that even a struggling economy or a declining stock market can offer him or her various ways to make money.

The biggest thing to do was to be calm and not panic. Those who lost it all often made poor decisions – such as investing it all in one risky stock – in a desperate effort to get back what they lost. They let emotions get in the way and they did not think rationally. The god investors, the ones who lasted, knew that they had to suffer some losses, but they tried to minimize them and find those lucrative options when they could. In this way, they were fine even through such a difficult economic period.

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