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How Important is Monitoring Search Engine Rankings?

What is the public looking for?

When Mr. or Ms average person around the world goes to their computer with a question or looking for a product, they aren’t thinking about the mechanics of the Internet. They only want an honest, reliable answer to their enquiry. It is a search engine which becomes the vehicle in which information is provided.


Why should search engines care?

Search engine send feelers around the globe in milliseconds to retrieve and supply Internet goers with the information they seek. You as a Internet Marketer, must fill that need by readily supply relevant content that is truthful, fresh, and stimulation. Like a brick and mortar business, you must be visible and on a path your customer is likely to take.


The public is the search engine’s customer

A search engine is like having a tour guide direct people right to your doorstep. Tour guides are not likely to spend time taking people up and down every alley they come too. No, they are going to send out feelers to find the best places for their customers to shop and find answers to their inquires. They want their customers to have the best experience possible so they will return again and again for their services.


You make Search engine’s valuable to the customer

It’s essential that you let your tour guide (search engine) know you are worth bringing customers to. Search engines rank websites on how well they provide a complete experience for their customer. Your job is to supply a captivating experience so the search engine will give you a high ranking and direct customers to your website first.


Jockeying for high ranking is between you and the search engine. You must take steps to convince the search engine you are worthy. If your website ends up way down on the ranking list, chances are your customer is not going to find you in all the millions of search results. If you land on page two hundred you might as well be on the moon. You have to make sure you maintain the highest ranking possible and make no mistake about it, you will have to work hard do accomplish it.


Customers rely on search engine integrity.

Come on, brick and mortar stores are no different. Procter and Gamble or SC Johnson, don’t set back on their laurels and wait for the customers. They take every step necessary to put themselves in front of the public. They spend millions and are constantly devising fresh products to wet the public’s appetite. They drive customers to their door by exposing themselves to the public’s eye.


Your exposure comes through the search engine’s willingness to send people to your website. This simply means you must figure out the best strategy for monitoring what the

search engines is looking for. It is crucial that your search engine strategy be the first undertaking immediately after launching your website. If done right a good search engine campaign can and will increase your ranking immensely thus guiding customers to your website.


Most search engines keep searches fresh, and webmasters on their toes, by using more than one formula. They rotate them so that no one formula becomes overused or outdated. Today’s search engine feelers may be looking for diminutive changes from yesterday. They may take notice of the last time you updated the information on your website. If you are supplying outdated, stale products or services then you more than likely will slide down in ranking.

Hold your position

You must also know what your competition is doing, this is a crucial factor that you must be attentive to. If your competitor’s position suddenly rises it means someone else’s placement will automatically be lowered. That someone will more than likely be the person who is not paying attention. Don’t let it be you. Work to rise your ranking and lower everyone else’s


Use Internet resources

There are many resources on the Internet some cost and some are free, many provide very good advise. Research, use website tools to follow swings, and look into your competitor’s web site coding. Take notice of which keywords your competitor is using and in what order are they placing information. How does his/her website look? Does it make you want to spend some time on their site? Are they using a lot of color, illustrations, pictures or artwork combined with good instructional writing? How does their website look? Does it satisfy your needs? Use a website checker to see how the search engines look at your and your competitor’s landing page. There are a lot of free tools available to assist you in your effort.


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