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How Burger King Has Managed to Become a Successful Brand

How Burger King Has Managed to Become a Successful Brand

The fast food industry is gaining competition due to strong and formidable fast foods manufacturing firms. Burger king food chain store has shocked everyone due to its recent performance. Despite the numerous challenges and competition in the fast food industry, Burger king has continued to hold a strong and a formidable position due to its strategic marketing methods. It has managed to outperform Wendy’s and Mc Donald’s. Currently, Burger

Currently, Burger King has the most sales and profits in the US than any other food company in the fast food company. This means that there are secrets to the success of Burger King Fast food Inc. Factors that have facilitated to the success of Burger King:

Simplicity – According to a report provided by Citi research, the big secret behind the ingredients used by Burger King is simplicity. This has been a key influence on their tremendous success. They learned the weaknesses of their competitors to bridge that gap. For instance, they realized that one key weakness of its closest competitor, McDonald’s, had an unhealthy food menu and they had gained a negative image due to their unhealthy food diet which was linked with health disorders such as obesity. They use the simplest ingredients by just adding sauce and cheese and introducing promotional offers of new sandwiches. Their closest competitor McDonald’s has been criticized for having complex ingredients on their menu.

Promotions – In every business, ideal promotions can lure the number of customers and increase the rate of traffic in your business. Burger King sought out to introduce promotional offers to their customers. One of their major promotions 2 for $5 sandwich deals. This has attracted a lot of customers across the US, which has translated to their profit margin. This fact has made them manage to beat the competitors and sustain the high competition in the fast food industry. As a result, they have raised the products of some commodities so that they can cover the costs involved by giving out discounts to their customers.

Creativity – Creativity is an important tool for every company that wants to be competitive. Creativity, particularly in social media pages, can have multiple effects on a business. Burger King Inc. introduced digital keyboard full of emoji snacks and chicken. This was mainly to target the youth age segment of around 13 yrs-23 yrs. When young people talk more about those emojis, they tend to advertise the snacks and products that Burger King deals with. It was an easy and perfect method of product promotion. This resulted in high demand, particularly for the products that were on the emoji keyboard.

Working hours – This has greatly influenced success of BurgerKingg fast food chain stores. They believe in the theory of the more the working hours, the more the profits. They operate in all states with the same number of working hours. During workdays, they operate for 19 hours from 6 am to 1 am. This makes them serve a lot of customers throughout the day. For weekends and holidays, they work for 6 hours from 6am to 1pm. If you check accurate Burger King working hours, it is 19 hours.

Marketing strategy – Marketing is the backbone o the success of each operating company. A lot of businesses have benefited and gained a lot of profit margins through proper marketing strategies. Burger King food chain is one of those companies that has achieved a lot of its objective through proper marketing strategies. In their market strategy, they use food photographs which are placed on window banners, wall posters, and menu board callouts. As one of their marketing strategies, they use promotions such as the recent 2 for $10 whopper meal. This made whopper meal become one of the most selling products last year. They also use in-store marketing as one of their marketing strategies. For instance, they don’t fear to go after their closest competitors – Wendy and McDonalds.

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