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Hip Hop Abs – Perfect For Those Who Hate Exercise But Love To Dance

Does the idea of exercise just make you cringe, especially when it comes to cardio? If so, you’re not alone.  For most people the idea of getting all geared up to go to the gym and have everybody around stare at you while you try to figure out how to work the leg extension machine, is just no fun. What is fun is dancing. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing on the dance floor or have no rhythm like me it’s fun. Dancing is always a good time and a massive calorie burning cardio workout. Hip Hop Abs is a workout program that incorporates fast paced music with dance moves that target your core and midsection.

Although most people enjoy to dance and couple that with the fact it’s actually extremely good exercise, few people actually use dance as a part of their regular exercise routines.  This is because it’s difficult to build a routine all on your own based on dancing.  It can also be costly to go to a dance studio and take classes or lessons several times per week; if that’s even something you’re up to doing.  The simple solution is to find an in home workout program that uses dancing to help you burn calories.

Shaun T invented Hip Hop Abs with this idea in mind.  He wanted to reach out to all the people who need to exercise but hate to do it, yet enjoy dancing but have a hard time doing it regularly. He built a simple solution in this program that combines hip hop music, and simple dance moves (even I can do them) that are fun yet designed with his unique tilt, tuck and tighten technique to shape up your core.

If you’re worried about the moves being too complex, don’t worry.  There not. Shaun T begins his program with several workouts that condition or warm you up to the idea of hip hop dancing. He takes you through a step by step walk through of each move and he does them slowly in the beginning.  Like anything you do repeatedly for some time, you will begin to learn and master these dance moves, thus making them more enjoyable and more effective.

Hip Hop Abs could only be described as a cardio workout.  There’s no weight, dumbbells, chin up bar or bands to deal with.  It’s just you, Shaun T, the TV, the music, and intense hip hop dance moves that target your gut and burn serious calories. So who cares if you look foolish, there’s no one around to make fun of you or for you to impress with Hip Hop Abs.

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