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Have Water In Your Basement? Want To Know Why?

If you are having water leaking into your basement, you may be wondering why and how the water is entering your basement.

One of the most common reason the water enters basements is because of a bad leaking eavestrough. If your eavestrough is leaking it is likely that a simple eavestrough cleaning will fix it.

Most of the time all that is wrong with the gutter is that it is clogged with leaves, branches, and other materials.

If this is the case all you need to do is go around the house and clean the gutter. This can usually restore the eavestrough and make it work again.

Any home with an eavestrough should ahve their gutters cleaned at least once per year. This is because eavestroughs quickly fill up with leaves form surrounding trees. If these leaves stay in the eavestrough for a long period of time, they begin to decompose, and create a layer of soil or dirt on the bottom of the eavestrough. This layer of dirt holds moisture and can cause an eavestrough to develop rust holes. If an eavestrough developed a rust hole the only way to fix it is to patch it, or to replace the portion of the gutter.

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