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Guide Introduction on How to Start an Online Business

In order to make cash online you must build the business. Online business requires less invested money and less effort, but the revenue is bigger than in a traditional business after investing the same sum of money.

We entered the Information Era, a period when the most important resource for economy is Information. The Internet is the medium where exists a permanent exchange of any kind information that could ever pass through a mind and anyone can participate in this information megaflow with just a computer and a connection to Internet. Internetworldstats.com presents data that more than 1,5 billion people are using Internet. Usually, Internet users seek information like: latest news, articles and blogs, photos, audios and video clips, they communicate with friends and business partners. Also they look for information about different products they would like to buy and for investment opportunities.

Usually any information can be found searching through a Search Engine. Search results are listed by page rank. The Rank is determined by criteria like the quantity of money is paid for listing on the top of results and quality of the information presented in website or how many pages from the web have direct links to the page listed, but these criteria could be much more. PageRank, a link analysis algorithm used by Google, has criteria that make it one of the most democratic page analyzer from the Internet. Hitwise announced that 72% of all US searches conducted in March 2009 were made using Google search engine. Online business use a lot the potential of this great search engine.

Idea is the basic spark of any business

To be opened an ordinary business needs an idea, that surelly will bring enough clients to sustain the business. This idea has to be in touch with people needs, you will never sell a product that no one needs. To find out what people need you must investigate reading newspapers and magazines, listening to radio and TV channels, talking with different people in order to notice a demand for a product or a service that is not offered by anyone.

On the Internet, the process of investigation is easier. You must do some research studying newsgroups, ezines, statistics, read forums, blogs’ comments, particiating in social networks and notice a demand for a product or service that no one offers online.

The situation when you could be the first supplier of a product or service is rare, because people want to earn money fast, without much working and spending of time and money. So, they sell products of other suppliers or create a new product, that is not much different of what already exists on the market.

Website creation and promotion

If you already have the idea, then you must create a website. The website is the link between potential customers and you, an equivalent of a showroom in real live, so, it must have a presentable and simple interface that attracts visitors. On the website you can make presentations of your product, offer user guides for using the product, get the feedbacks from happy or angry customers, etc.

Given that there are estimations that on the Internet exist more than 100 million websites, your new website would be hard to find for people looking for what you have to offer. Solution is to advertise to let people know about your new business.

Advertising on the Internet can be free or not. Free doesn’t mean inefficient, but a lot of work and time. Paying for your ads doesn’t mean you will have lots of visitors to your site, but you will win time and strive less.

Websites that have a big traffic of visitors are well paid for advertising other sites. The party who pays can be a car company, a cable operator, an insurance company or any person who has something to sell, buy or needs visitors.

Below is a list of possible ideas ways to get richer working on the Internet:

Affiliate marketing

This is probably the quickest and easiest. You don’t need to get your own products, you simply sell other people’s products and services. You don’t even need a merchant account, and it’s possible to start out without even having your own website (but if you are serious about affiliate marketing you will have to build websites).

Selling your own product

Writing an e-book or other type of information product, recording an information CD set or shooting a DVD/video series. This is a great strategy because there are infinite possibilities for the type of product that you can create. There are so many niche markets that you can write about: It could be a course on Japanese gardens, How to start your own cooking business, How to sell your artwork … there are thousands of possibilities and many that have not yet been touched by online marketers. If you don’t have the skills to write the information by yourself, you can get a ghost writer or hire someone to produce the DVD.

Search Engine Optimization

There are people who focus just on Search Engine Optimization and do nothing else. It’s a method that uses the power of search engines. The webmasters use different methods to do this: adding meta tags, creating links from other sites to indicate his one, writing a text with most often searched words related to the topic of the site. You can pay someone to optimize (a company specialized in SEO) or do it by yourself (which means to read and learn a lot if you have time).


You can develop a relationship with a manufacturer so that you can get orders for their product on the Internet; you process their credit card and then just send their details to the manufacturer who sends the product directly to the customer’s door.

Joint Ventures

Similar to affiliate marketing, but with this strategy you set up partnerships with people who have products that they sell online.

Lead Generation

Generate leads for companies online. For example, you create leads for mortgage brokers; you give them the details of the people who are interested in getting a new mortgage and you get paid for each person. The mortgage broker will then call the lead and try to sell them on their particular mortgage offer.

Email marketing

Sending emails to people offering them to buy or try your product. Of course you need to stay away from spam, and new legislation makes it more difficult for legitimate opt in email marketers, but this is still a highly effective way to make money on the Internet. Don’t try email marketing if you don’t know what you are doing – don’t even think about buying a list of emails and sending out a promotional message unless you know exactly what you are doing. You have to know that any emails you have are legit and `opt in’.

Selling software or software services

A great way to make money online. Selling services online For example you could start a site providing niche legal services or doing web design. This is ok, but it is not as highly leveraged and automated as other Internet businesses.

Domain name strategies

You can make money buying and selling domain names (although this strategy is quite difficult nowadays). You can also buy expired domains with existing traffic, you can buy domains with misspellings in order to get free drive-by traffic.

Buying websites

You can buy websites that have good positions in the search engines but are not utilizing their positions very effectively, and you can improve the marketing and utilization of their site and make money. This is a very powerful strategy if you do it correctly.

Other strategies

There are many other possibilities that you might not have thought of, such as starting an affiliate network. There are several other possibilities but most of them have different level of difficulty.

The main thing to remember is that on the Internet don’t exist cash programs without efforts. Effort is made even when you participate in a survey, read emails, surf a website for money. So if you expect that making money on the net is effortless you are wrong.

Remember there will be good results in earning cash on the Internet if you contribute to the business with a bit more effort.

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