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This website is owned and managed by Roof Pros, a company that is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Roof Pros is specialized in the maintenance, repair and installation of roofs in the Ann Arbor area in Michigan State. The company also offers roof inspections, roof tune ups, storm damage and gutter protection to their clients. Besides these services, you can learn many useful tips about roofing by reading through the articles on their website.

As storm and insurance specialists, Roofing Contractors In Ann Arbor Mi can also offer you free inspection and estimates.


Roof Pros, as the name suggests, is filled with professionals in the field of roofing. As you will learn from them, it is best to have professionals deal with your roofing needs as some insurance companies will not insure your roof if you hire substandard contractors to install or maintain your roof. That is why they always make sure that their staff is well qualified.

And because their contractors have many years of experience, they are also best placed to inspect your roof every now and then. They will be able to tell that your roof needs repair even before it starts to leak. It is recommended that you inspect your roof twice every year, and after every major storm. That way, you will be able to prevent any major damages on your roof, and could easily end up avoiding major inconveniences and costs.

The company serves all areas in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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