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Get tech savvy at your own pace

Get tech savvy at your own pace

In this day and age of new technology and computer-based updates that change quicker than one cares to understand, it’s wise to keep abreast of what’s hot, what’s not, what’s relevant and what’s increasingly redundant in the world of the Internet and surrounds.

One way of staying in line with the latest movements is by getting to grips with information technology – and all its relevant and related parts. Signing up for a lean IT foundation courseĀ is a pretty good start, but one really needs to consider how they are going to benefit from the course – and how it will work for them in their personal and professional life – before going ahead.

Upskill yourself

Perhaps you are new to the job market or perhaps you are a seasoned veteran, who doesn’t think there is anything new to learn. Well, either way, it’s probably best that you find the time to upskill yourself in the ways of IT. You might learn something you didn’t even existed, or research something new about an existing element. There is more out there than you would think, but only an accredited course, part-time or full-time study, is going to help you figure this out. The market is changing rapidly and there is a need to upgrade yourself continuously. You should take courses from online course site like Lynda, Udemy to get the required know how.

Sharing is caring

Try not do this alone. Find like-minded friends and colleagues who are keen to do the same. Perhaps you can share the fees or get a group discount when signing up for a specific course. Whether it’s a low-level course or an intenst high-level course that tickles your individual or collective fancy, really think about not going it alone. Two heads are better than one, the old adage says, but in the end it’s ultimately you who is going to gain the knowledge. Better open a small school in your locality. If you can empower one person with your skill or knowledge then, it would be great.

Think before you act

There are many, many options out there. You need to consider what area of involvement your level of interest and understanding wishes to engage. There is no use in signing up for, say, a course that teaches one the deeps ins and outs about computer mainframes and the intricacies of various motherboards, when actually all you want to learn about is the composition of hard drives and the mechanics of certain software associated with your line of work. Yes you should consider giving it a lot of time. As it might interfere with your life so avoid taking any decision in a haste.

Turn inspiration into habit

There is no use in thinking about doing a course one day, enrolling for it the next, and then withdrawing from it a day or week later. There needs to an approach based on stamina and an ability to manage doing the course despite the rigours and demands of life outside of it. Think about time management, and how you are going to make it all work for the best of your lifestyle. Yes, some sacrifices from most ends will be needed, but those sacrifices need to be short-term – and make sense. Habit allows you to go for that extra mile.


Make sure that the course you sign up for is formally recognised, locally or abroad. There are several out there that will offer you a qualification at the end of it all, but that qualifcation might be relatively manufactured – and not aligned to a tertiary education willing to support it. Either way,you will have something to show for your commitment in the end, which can be added to your CV and cover letter, which should impress future employees, but try your best to make sure it’s formally accredited.

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