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Geophysical and IP imaging systems

Geophysical and IP imaging systems have become extremely advanced. They know have the ability to provide more data and 3D imaging than their predecessors. However, it also depends on what company you hire for resistivity and geophysical equipment.

For example, most companies use a geophysical instrument at AGI because they have the most advanced EarthImager 3D software to process data and they constantly evolve their products, which include the PowerSting, SuperSting and Swift Multi Electrode System. When you are measuring the Earth’s surface, it’s important that you use equipment with the best tools to give an accurate report of the soil.

There are a variety of devices out there that don’t cover all the bases and make it difficult to understand just what’s underneath the surface. With Earth resistivity meters, you can perform electrical ground grid testing, soil resistivity tests and look for corrosion control with ease. While it used to be that you could only get devices with four or more electrodes to measure the ground, the latest resistivity devices from Advanced Geosciences, INC offer 50 electrodes that produce an extremely accurate of what’s underneath the surface. The EarthImager 3D has long been praised as the best data interpretation software.

While it’s still offered in 2D, there’s now the 3D EarthImager which provides incredible resistivity data that inverts both borehole and surface resitivity data. This software is especially important because it’s one of the only types of resistivity software that has a 3D visualization tool.

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