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Gamesfen.com – You’ll Fall In Love With This Games Portal!

I have been looking for good and quality game website directory for quite some time and a few months ago I accidentally found www.gamesfen.com. This website takes my attention at first, because of its really nice and fresh design, and easy and quick access to my favorite games. I have become regular visitor and I can tell that this website is developing every day. Colors and locations of the commercials make it a perfect place for surfing. So I decided that it will be interesting and useful for the gamers and other people to make it a short review:

The website was created in September 2013 referring to the public “whois” data base. Its main idea is to create easiest and more likeable interface for the users.  For such a short period it has collected and categorized more than three hundred of the most popular games for children and adults.

They are divided in fifteen different categories which are Games for kids, Strategy games, First person shooters, Game portals, Multiplayer games, 3D games, Casino games, Simulators, Sport games, Racing games, Sci-fi games, Brain games, Puzzles, Role-playing games and Adult games. One of the categories is named Game Portals and there are more than 30 links to other similar websites.

One of the options I like the most is that you can not only choose games by category but you can also arrange them by popularity or rating. This makes the site easy to use by people who are searching for something interesting or something fun. You can write comments, rate and suggest new sites which can be added after approval, or removed if they have negative rating less than  200 points.

This is the way users can control content of the site. I make some researches and www.gamesfen.com is in a very good positions in world`s websites ratings. This makes it one of the largest and enjoyable game portals I have ever found. So guys who ever you are behind this great project keep up the good work and continue to make gamers auditory happy. I wish you Good Luck!

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