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From a business insider article to a startup

As a startup founder I spend a decent time researching, learning and reading stuff online. Earlier this year when I was giving my startup shape, I came across an article in Business Insider written by Melissa Stanger. The article was about top companies offering top perks to their employees. It got me interested that how companies spend so much money on these perks and how little we know about them. A little more research on the web and I found out that people have been writing about these perks very often. This was the first time when I came up with the idea to create Recroup, the first perk-board for companies to show off their perks and job seekers to get the better picture of company culture.

Top companies spend billions of dollars on employee perks and benefits. These perks can be anything from free food to unlimited beer, nap pods to bowling alley and if you are a top executive in big company you might even get to fly in a private jet. Top 100 companies spend over $ 2 Billion Dollars on employee perks every year. Though, it may be sad to hear that only 2 out of 10 job seekers actually know about these perks. The reason is that there was no place where companies can display to perks until now.

For companies attracting best talent has always been a challenge but retaining the existing ones can be an even bigger challenge. With enormous demand of talent in specific domains especially technology, companies need to offer employees more than just salary. Now talent seeks for company with a cooler working environment. With more competition companies are coming up with even cooler perks like unlimited vacations, open bar and free massages.

The problem was that very little information about these perks was available on the web. And thanks to the article in business insider which laid the initial ground of my team to work on a product which is required by both companies and talent to find the best match. Now companies can create their perk pages and spread their awesomeness.

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