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Forever Sleeveless Review

I got my wedding dress fitted and I was picking them out, you know, trying them on, and I saw other girls trying on dresses too and some of them looked more toned than me, and I told myself “I wanna look good in my wedding dress, I don’t want to worry about flabby arms.”

I don’t want the dress to look better than me!

You see, I was a runner and ran marathons and I couldn’t get definition, I couldn’t get toned, so my husband bought me Forever Sleeveless for my birthday, and I figured this was a great opportunity to use this before our wedding.

So there are over 25 instructional videos in the program covering resistance training, home training, stability training, and much more.

And there are fun days and then there are hard days where you feel like you’re getting ready for something big doing pushups and arm exercises, and things you think you can’t do, but you find out you can. So really you are building yourself up to look your absolute best.

Now a week after doing Forever Sleeveless I started seeing results and I could see the muscles in my arms, but they weren’t bulky, I didn’t look like a bodybuilder, you know I still looked feminine, it was just more toned.

So on my wedding day I felt awesome and I felt like it was a day to celebrate. Now it’s after my wedding day and I still look great and people are still complimenting me. And I can just flaunt my stuff and be the center of attention!

There is no better program for getting rid of flabby arms. Forever Sleeveless is the best solution out there.


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