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Foods to avoid if you have gallstones

If you are someone who has been suffering from abdomen pain and now the pain has become severe along with fever, then you are most probably suffering from gallstones. You should consult a doctor immediately for these gallstones symptoms . If you have these symptoms there is a chance that you may have an infection because of gallstones. In such a situation there are certain foods that you should definitely avoid. There are certain foods that not only lead to but aggravate it at times. For example, egg has been proven to be one of the main contributor to gallstone symptoms in over 90% of patients and also ruin your teeth (discount dental plans) You can always find an alternative for the food that you need to avoid. Pork is high in fat content and should be avoided at all costs. You can always go for white meat which is a much healthier option but you need to ensure that the meat has not been deep fried. If this is the case then you may have a gallstone attack in the form of abdomen pain. If your body is not able to digest the food because of gallstones you may even have to belch because your body refuses to accept this food.

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