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Fitness Tips for Beginners – Avoid the Pain and Burnout That Make Others Quit

Improving your fitness is important for many different reasons. You might want to lose weight to help stave off the chance of developing heart disease. You might be trying to avoid developing diabetes. You might just want to feel and look better. No matter why you’re considering starting a fitness program, it’s important that you start off on the right foot. Rowing machines sydney is an example. A significant percentage of those embarking on new fitness programs quit within the first couple of weeks because of pain and burnout. Use these tips to avoid a similar fate.

1. Start Slow

If you’ve been a confirmed couch potato for years, chances are good that you’re in pretty poor physical condition no matter how much weight you’ve put on. If you’re more accustomed to lifting the remote than lifting a barbell, your muscles are not what they once were. It’s important that you start any physical fitness plan slowly and increase the intensity incrementally as your body adjusts. Attempting to do too much too soon will result in pain and can also cause very real injuries. Start slow and then build up to your ideal level.

2. Drastic Is Bad

When people start a fitness program or change their diet, their first instinct is to make a drastic change. It’s only natural – you want to throw yourself into that new program whole-heartedly. However, that’s not the best thing to do. Rather than completely changing your lifestyle in one go, take smaller steps. Start walking one week, and the next week, combine walking with a few healthier meal options. Over time, you can gradually introduce both more workout choices and better meal options without shocking your body with an all-in-one-go plan.

3. Change It Up

We’re all creatures of habit to one extent or another. It’s part of human nature. However, you can’t afford to let your fitness routine become just another habit. If you continue doing the same exercises time after time, you’re going to get bored. After boredom comes burnout, and then it’s everything you can do to motivate yourself to keep up with your fitness plan. Alternate your workouts – walk one day, jog the next, do aerobics the third day – you get the picture. A varied fitness program will keep you interested and motivated so you keep moving forward.

Better fitness will help you avoid serious health problems and deadly diseases. However, avoiding burnout and pain will help you continue moving forward.

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