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Finding The Best E-commerce Web Hosting

What is the best way to seek out an e-commerce hosting provider?  The first thing to keep in mind is how unique e-commerce is. With almost every other type of website, you can draw similarities between them, but there is no question that e-commerce is a different animal entirely.

Follow this guide when choosing a hosting provider and you will give yourself the best chance of e-commerce success.

The Web Host

Many hosting companies will offer e-commerce options in their services. While we wouldn’t say you are better to target those businesses that specialize specifically in e-commerce hosting, you should definitely look for those who have a reputation within the industry for delivering excellence.

The easiest way to check this out is to ignore testimonials and head straight to the websites that feature on their portfolio page. Browse their sites; go all the way through the e-commerce process until you reach the final stage of the check out.

Are you impressed with the experience? If so, then you know that the host is one worth considering.

Of course that is not the only thing you should be looking for; the longer the time spent and the more thorough the research, the surer you will be that you have found the best option.

What do They Offer?

The usual pattern goes something like this in terms of e-commerce packages:

  • · Personal
  • · Small Business
  • · Medium/Large Business
  • · Enterprise

Terminology might be slightly different, but all roughly achieve the same thing.

Rather than trying to shoehorn yourself into any of those categories – if you fit into one, great, but consider this point anyway – try to seek out hosting providers who offer bespoke e-commerce platforms.

Why would you want to do this?

The Shopping Experience

Well, the internet is increasingly becoming repetitive. One amazing website pops up, and the next week there are thousands that all look the same. This is happening with e-commerce, too. Just because people are choosing e-commerce, that doesn’t mean they want to lose the shopping experience, they just want more convenience.

One of the key things in a shopping experience is the uniqueness and feel of certain stores. When shopping, do you go back to the store you felt comfortable in and was exciting, or the boring, drab one that is the same as all others?

You don’t need us to tell you the answer, and that is why a bespoke e-commerce solution is better for you, and for your customers.

Security Assurances

A lot of the e-commerce issues around security will likely fall under the remit of your payments partner, however you should ensure that your potential hosting provider has a history of providing security, too.

The last thing you want is to see a news report saying, “Hosting services provider, that is responsible for X, Y, and Your Brand, today had their servers breached and customer information stolen from these sites.”

Ask about their security credentials, ask to see their security certificates, and look into the e-commerce industry and general, and see who has the best reputation, as any issues later will reflect just as badly on yourself.

Choose an excellent e-commerce solution and you will have many opportunities to generate great revenues from this exciting and potentially lucrative industry.

Robert is a technology consultant who specializes in recommending managed VPS hosting, web design, and other online services packages to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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