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Finding a Cheaper Web Hosting

The motto of the user is to choose web-hosting company, which in within his boundary of budget but to select one from several available it is both overwhelming and challenging. Merely typing the word “web hosting” in any search engine like google will return with millions of documents and millions of host providers. Now the biggest problem is to get one out of those several hosters.

What is Budget web hosting?

Budget web hosting in the simple sense is that which offers its services with charge of minimum $10 per month. But the important consideration is not that price but also the duration that they are offering. While comparing the quotes of different companies one most take care for both the annual as well as monthly charge quoted by companies as some companies quotes annually where it needs to divide that amount by 12 months to get them converted into monthly amount so as to compare them with other monthly given charges. But important must be to note if they are charging any setup fee as it can be terms as hidden cost which needs to be taken care of while selecting for budget web hosting. Forming general impression for the company.

After considering the above parameter of money next would be to get a general impression of the company, which can easily be formed after looking on the company’s front page. The points to be taken care of includes if the company is depicting professional outlook? If they have given in their contact address just email address and phone number only or do they have shown their physical address also? As if the physical address is not given then on the verge of any problem with the website then due to lack of proper contact information one can get into big trouble.

If proper customer support services are available.

Another thing to take care of is the support services. It is important to check if the company is having any toll free number to contact them and where are they based? As if location of company is far away then it will be much costly to use phone to contact them for a far away distance say in other city or country. Another best feature of company’s having toll free number is that it shows that the company is keen to deal with their customers openly and with honesty. Is there any guarantee or just warranty?

Another thing to note does the company, often companies, give the guarantee tends to give just mere warranty or they hide satisfaction guarantee. For selection one must choose only that company, which is, offer money back facility against dissatisfaction else one must look for other company. Is there any uptime guarantee of site given?

There must be uptime guarantee of site given. Uptime guarantee of site refers to the amount of time the server is live and serving the home pages. Uptime guarantee of 99% means the host is guaranteeing that their servers tend to be up and in operation 99% of the time. During the tenure of one year 99% uptime refers a downtime of one percent i.e. 87 hours in a year or 7 hours per month server wont be available. Thus that is an important consideration.

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