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Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Bands

Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Bands

A man wishes to make a style statement with the wedding band he wears. As men’s wedding band style becomes really more fashion forward, you would come across numerous options that were never available in the market before. With so many choices, it could be truly challenging to identify the perfect wedding band. Here is a brief buying guide that should assist you in choosing the right wedding bands that you would love, be proud of and live with the rest of your life.

Make a Shortlist

Since this is the piece of jewelry you would be wearing every day, it is a smart decision to opt for some preliminary choices. Narrowing down all choices could be a real good idea even before you go out shopping at the stores. Are you thinking of buying a wedding band that is made from a metal same as the engagement ring you are wearing? Do you want your wedding ring to match or complement your watch? Would you want diamonds or gemstones on your band? You need to find answers to these types of questions before stepping out of your home for the jewelry stores.

Buy Both the Engagement Ring & the Wedding Band Together

You should ideally wear a wedding band that matches perfectly with your engagement ring if you are planning to wear both of them together. You must try and understand what kind of bands would be complementing your engagement ring. If you are buying an exotic engagement ring, it is a good idea not to go overboard while buying your wedding band. You must stick to a no-fuss simple wedding band then. A classic solitaire would be matching perfectly with a sparkling diamond pave band. If you are thinking of wearing your wedding band and your engagement ring together every day, you could consider buying a shadow or contour band that is designed for interlocking with your matching engagement ring. In case you are thinking of wearing the wedding band only, you could opt for a really intricate style that would look amazing stand alone or even with your engagement ring. If you are still confused, you could consider seeking your jeweler’s professional advice.

Start Looking Early

You must start your quest for a perfect wedding band very much in advance. Go ring shopping a couple of months before your wedding date. You would be requiring enough time for browsing, doing ample research regarding prices and revisiting rings that draw your attention. If you are thinking in terms of a custom ring, you would be requiring more time. Remember extra features such as engraving could be taking almost a month.

Chalk Out a Budget

Shop with assumptions like you would be dedicating around 3 percent of the total wedding budget towards buying your ring. Remember that any additional embellishments such as engraving or diamonds would be costing more so you need to keep all these factors in mind while chalking out a budget. The cost of engraving would be depending on the font used, the actual number of characters or if it is engraved by machine or hand. You must chalk out a budget as per the ring you wish to buy. Decide if you wish to buy the usual gold or platinum rings or would you wish to buy the truly innovative and creative tungsten carbide rings that are hugely popular today.

Your Lifestyle Is the Key

There is no point in purchasing a very expensive and exotic ring if your lifestyle does not permit it.  If you need to remove it every now and then, it is better not to get an exotic ring as you may lose it. You would be wearing it probably for the rest of your life and you must choose something that is able to become seamlessly a part of you and your lifestyle. You must deliberate over the comfort factor. If you are into playing any instrument or sports, it is better to opt for a sleek rounded band and it is best to avoid any gemstones which could come out. You may also stay away from carvings that could trap dirt. If you lead a really active lifestyle, it is a good idea to opt for Tungsten rings that are truly durable and forever shiny.

Trial Is the Best Policy

You may be in love with a diamond eternity band or a braided rose gold one, but you must try out as many rings as possible when you land up at the store. You could seek the jeweler’s expert advice. Take their suggestions and you may come across something you had not been thinking about. Maybe you would fall in love with a sleek, really creative black tungsten band. While trying different rings in different designs and styles, keep the comfort factor foremost in your mind. You may find some rings to be really beautiful and enticing but when you try them on, you realize that they are just the wrong fit for your fingers. Maybe while trying a diamond ring of your choice, you would realize that the diamonds are poking your other fingers causing discomfort. Wear the ring you wish to buy but before taking the final plunge, remember to wear it and try writing something or even texting to check out the comfort quotient.

Think It as a Long Term Affair

Though you should never shy away from being trendy, you must at the same time, be sure that you are choosing the right style. You need to realize that this is almost a lifelong commitment and you have to decide if you like the short-listed ring enough to wear it for every occasion or event in your life for the next few decades. Choose a ring that you could easily visualize yourself wearing it all the time for the rest of your life.

Maintenance Is a Big Issue

If you are thinking of buying a diamond wedding band, you need to keep the diamonds clean and always sparkling. You may need to soak it in warm soapy water from time to time, brush it gently using a soft toothbrush and rinse it. Then dry it using a soft cloth. If this regime sounds too much of work for you, you could opt for the fuss-free, no maintenance tungsten rings instead.


It is a pretty challenging task to identify and buy the right wedding band for you. However, the above-mentioned tips could help you in making the right choice. You must always try to buy something comfortable, affordable and lovable. And yes you would be feeling great, delirious with joy when you have ultimately found the wedding band that is perfect for you.

Author Bio: Max Campbell is a jewelry designer and owns a jewelry boutique. He enjoys coming up with creative ideas and designs. He is particularly awestruck with some of his latest creations, the tungsten carbide rings in mind-blowing designs for the modern man.

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