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Ephedrine In Medicine

The substance known as ephedrine can be described as a stimulant of the sympathetic nervous system. Furthermore, it is known to act as an appetite suppressant.

In regards to chemistry, ephedrine is commonly referred to as a sympathomimetic amine. Other medical uses of ephedrine include the immediate treatment of hypotension linked to anesthesia.

Usually, the substance known as ephedrine is sold marketed as a sulfate. Nonetheless, many pharmaceutical release it as a hydrochloride. Either way, this stimulant ephedrine causes exactly the same effects. Ephedrine is used for medical purposes, as well as weight loss purposes.

This substance works by stimulating the adrenergic receptor system. Medically speaking, this is commonly known as a section of the nervous system.

For hundreds of years, ephedrine was the key medication used in the treatment of bronchitis and asthma.

In addition to the above mentioned facts, this stimulant helps with weight loss. It acts as a powerful appetite suppressant.

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