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Enhancing Looks Through Safe Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation involves insertion of pigments, which are colored under the surface of the skin. The inserted color penetrates to the layer of papillary. The micropigmentation process is also popular as a permanent make up for the cosmetic enhancement. The Asian method of enhancement is applied to lips and eyebrows primarily. The penetration of the needle is minute and the whole treatment is carried out for two successive five week sessions.

Micropigmentation is a modern day form of tattooing and many people can learn it at the Hollywood Makeup School. It is a safe and natural enhancement routine. Colored pigments are permanently inserted through a needle in the dermis. The color is long lasting and safe. The most common treatment is the permanent eyeliner process. The area between eyelashes is injected with safe colors which creates a thicker lash line. The outcome is a natural hair like appearance and is permanent. The next common treatment is for the lips. To avoid the need for continuous application of artificial lipsticks, one can opt for a permanent and safe lip coloring. The colors are FDA approved and risks of swelling and burning is minimal.

Micropigmentation is a permanent process and the colors can be removed only with the laser treatment. The asymmetry of the face is also balanced by this treatment and is a long lasting procedure.

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